Shine for Syria – Support Raleena in her 5 mile night walk to help Syrian Refugees

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Support Raleena in her walk to help Syrian Refugees

As winter approaches in the UK, the refugees from Syria who are in camps are looking at harsh living conditions, a complete contrast to the warm and comfortable homes that were destroyed back in their homeland.

To be of some relief, Muslim Hands UK, an international aid agency and NGO, has organized a 5 mile night walk on 26th November 2016. The walk will take place at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London, and will conclude with a closing ceremony including entertainment and a free meal for all participants. The donations collected through the walk will be invested in purchasing clothes, blankets and other essentials for winter.

Raleena Kamaldeen Doole, currently resident in London, UK decided to join the walk because she felt that it was an expression of empathy and a message that we are right behind them, and we will do what we can to lift their spirits and lift them up.

Raleena is a Medical Secretary for the National Health Service in UK, and has her own skincare line Enna Naturals. A mother of two, she naturally worries about the world we are leaving behind for them. “I think if more of us create awareness about what is going on in the world, draw attention to the suffering, sorrow and loss surrounding war and destruction, and make a conscious decision to be the change we want to see, then collectively we can make things better, even for a handful of people,” wrote Raleena.

It disheartens her to see that we as humans have become inferior than creatures in the wild, that we are insensitive to the sufferings of fellow human beings. It has come to a state where if people do not conform to a certain way of life, then they do not matter. “We need to join hands and empathize with these people. We live in an unstable, fragile world and tables can turn any time and we will only deserve the grace we show others,” she added.

Inspired by words of the Prophet Mohomad (SAW) asking one to treat others the way you would like to be treated, Raleena emphasizes that this is very true when people are broken and in need of support. Concluding her request for support she stated, “We have seen the depth of darkness and destruction that hate brings. Let us show the world the light of love, kindness and empathy.” is honoured to help Raleena by spreading the message to all our readers. We now have an opportunity to support the worthy cause from Sri Lanka. Support Raleena’s walk to #SHINEFORSYRIA through your kind contribution, and spread the word.

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