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Commemorating the 65th Anniversary of Sri Lanka Malay Association Rupee Fund and in dedication to ‘Universal Children’s day’ a Smart Phone Mobile Photo Competition “KLICK & WIN PHOTO CONTEST” has been organized by the organization and the press conference and launch ceremony was held on the 23rd at their premises 101/28, Jalan Padang, Off Kew Road, Colombo 02 next to Padang cricket grounds. The theme of the contest is “Children our Future Resource” and the contest will be open to all at no cost.

Contest entree details are as below

  • Entries close by 4 pm on Thursday 15th, November 2018.

  • Contest Eligibility/ Format/Deadline

    •  A maximum of Three(3) entries will be accepted for each participant
    • All age groups are eligible to participate
    • Email entries to “ klickchild@gmail.com”
    • Photo entries must have been shot by the contest participant
    • Entries must be received no later than 4 pm, Thursday 15th , November 2018. No exceptions.
  • Subject Matter

    • Photos must be taken within the boundaries of the theme “ Children our Future Resource”.
    • Subject matter should consist of a child or children.
    • Photos will be judged in one category
    • Any photos with identifiable faces must include that person’s permission with the entry.
  • Copyright

    • Ownership and copyright of submitted photos remains with the photographer
    • Entrants to the photo contest are giving permission for the photos to be displayed & exhibited at the awards ceremony.
  • Selection/Notification of Winners – The entries will be judged by a Professional Panel related to the contest who are not members of the institution.

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