Non-stop Netball this Saturday!

Netball Carnival 2017

In celebration of the 145th anniversary of CMCC Introduces the running-time concept to Sri Lanka A netball carnival organized by the Colombo Malay Cricket Club (CMCC) in association with the Sri Lanka Netball Association and Sri Lanka Schools Netball Association will take place at the CMCC Grounds (Padang), Kew Road Colombo 2,

Modern day Malay Wedding Customs and their Origins – The Pre-Wedding

Malay Wedding

Note from author: the below list is mainly based on my personal observations and online research. Therefore it might not cover all the traditions. The additional comments, sides and after-thoughts are purely mine and a humble request to the readers to not be disheartened or enraged if your point of

Malay Sports Festival strikes Padang this September

Whether it be rugby, cricket, swimming, netball or hockey, we Malays have a penchant knack for sports. So here’s another opportunity to exhibit your sports(wo)manship along with your fellow Malays. The Malay Sports Festival, organized by Kumpulang Melayu Battaramulla (KMB) is set to take place on 17th September 2017 at the

Kandy Malay Association Fair

PERKUMPULAAN MELAYU DI KANDI, Kandy Malay Association held a Table Sale and Fair at the YMCA Auditorium, Kandy in December 2016 as a Fund Raiser to support needy students in their education and offer Scholarships to further their studies. This is an annual program conducted by KMA for nearly Three decades,

COSLAM Annual Trip – 2016

COSLAM Annual Trip 2016

The Annual Trip of COSLAM this year took place on the 12th December 2016 at the Blue Water Villa, a small resort at Dhampe, Piliyandala on the banks of the Bolgoda lake. Nearly 50 members of COSLAM joined the much awaited outing. They made use of this occasion to relax,

Sri Lanka to host the 2nd South Asian Sepak Takraw Championship in 2017

The perseverance and hardships of the Sri Lanka Amateur Sepak Takraw Association are coming to fruition as they prepare to host the 2nd South Asian Sepak Takraw Championship 2017. The tournament will be held on 14th and 15th January 2017 at the St. Joseph’s College Auditorium, Colombo 10. Bangladesh, India,

Shine for Syria – Support Raleena in her 5 mile night walk to help Syrian Refugees

Support Raleena in her walk to help Syrian Refugees As winter approaches in the UK, the refugees from Syria who are in camps are looking at harsh living conditions, a complete contrast to the warm and comfortable homes that were destroyed back in their homeland. To be of some relief, Muslim Hands

5 More Sri Lankan Malays You Should Know About

First of all let us start by thanking all our readers for the overwhelming response to our previous article “5 Sri Lankan Malays You Should Absolutely Know About”. Your views, reviews, comments, constructive criticism and most importantly suggestions were in fact the source of inspiration for this article. So once again,

5 Sri Lankan Malays you should absolutely know about

Ever faced the scenario where someone has commented how weird your name sounds and you reply that it’s because you’re a Malay and you subsequently find yourself having to explain what being a Malay is all about? Yes, let’s face it, we all have. During such a conversation where you

Colonel Nizam Dane – An officer who loved peace but was pushed towards war and died with his boots on

Colonel Nizam Dane: An officer who loved peace but was pushed towards war and died with his boots on I am posting an appreciation I wrote for The Sunday Times 27 June 2010, since I still am not sure what and what not to say about this serious, hilarious, jovial etc