Digitising Malay Writing in Sri Lanka

Digitising Malay Writing

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1,360 total views, no views today Preserving our identity: The Digitising Malay Writing in Sri Lanka project In 2011 Prof. Ronit Ricci visited Sri Lanka to conduct a pilot research on an area which had not until then been pursued. She was in search of Malay writing, and Sri Lankan Malay writing in particular. Several research […]


Modern day Malay Wedding Customs and their origins – Part II

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338 total views, no views today Author’s Note: Apologies for the long interim since the very first article in the series. Family and career life takes over most of the time, and the rest of the time, I’m plain lazy to research.  The previous article skimmed the customs of a typical Sri Lankan Malay Wedding before […]

Malay Wedding

Modern day Malay Wedding Customs and their Origins – The Pre-Wedding

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411 total views, 3 views today Note from author: the below list is mainly based on my personal observations and online research. Therefore it might not cover all the traditions. The additional comments, sides and after-thoughts are purely mine and a humble request to the readers to not be disheartened or enraged if your point of view […]



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25 total views, 1 views today The Hari Bahasa Melayu Ke 10 and the 127th Birth Anniversary Commemoration Meeting of Al-Haj Dr. T. B. Jayah was held on Sunday 19th February at the New Town Hall. Organized by the Konferensi Melayu Sri Lanka (COSLAM) the event was graced by His Excellency Wan Zaidi Wan Abdullah, High Commissioner […]


Shine for Syria – Support Raleena in her 5 mile night walk to help Syrian Refugees

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13 total views, no views today Support Raleena in her walk to help Syrian Refugees As winter approaches in the UK, the refugees from Syria who are in camps are looking at harsh living conditions, a complete contrast to the warm and comfortable homes that were destroyed back in their homeland. To be of some relief, […]


Taariq Hisham Jurangpathy – Best Actor (All Island Inter-School Shakespeare Drama Competition 2016)

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41 total views, 1 views today   Full Name – Baba Taariq Hisham Jurangpathy Birthday – 14th, September 1998 Father – Azad Jurangpathy Mother – Thahiya Jurangpathy, better known as Dalrein Siblings – Three elder brothers, Aqeel, Shaaheen and Shakeel, of whom I’ve been following the footsteps throughout my life. School – Wesley College, Colombo So, you’ve been in […]


Hari Bahasa Melayu – 10 years of promoting Malay in Sri Lanka

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25 total views, 1 views today When COSLAM inaugurated Hari Bahasa Melayu in 2006, organized teaching of Malay in Sri Lanka was at a standstill. For a community who boasted of publishing two newspapers in Malay, Alamat Lankapuri and Wajah Selon, (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alamat_Langkapuri), by the 21st century the use of Malay, especially in its writing form, had not […]


THE KERIS – the favoured fighting weapon of the Malays

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42 total views, 1 views today   By M.D (Tony) Saldin The keris is believed to have the power to jump out of its sheath and engage the enemy in battle on its own.  It is also able to warn the owner of impending danger by rattling in its sheath.  Keris which are tied to the main beams […]


Growing up Malay in Sri Lanka: 7 unavoidable questions

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232 total views, 3 views today Being a part of and growing up in multi-ethnic Sri Lanka has its benefits. Not only do you get holidays declared for every religious festival (not complaining), you also have access to a wide variety of food courtesy of your multi-ethnic friends. Moreover, you also learn to appreciate and respect the […]


5 More Sri Lankan Malays You Should Know About

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159 total views, 3 views today First of all let us start by thanking all our readers for the overwhelming response to our previous article “5 Sri Lankan Malays You Should Absolutely Know About”. Your views, reviews, comments, constructive criticism and most importantly suggestions were in fact the source of inspiration for this article. So once again, […]