Who is bringing the Sing-a-long to you this Sunday?


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If you still have not got your tickets for the Sing – a – long with DR ZEE and FLAME, time is running out. Get ready for a fun filled evening this Sunday, 26 November at the British School Auditorium from 7 pm onwards. Tickets are available at Ramzi’s Salons in Galadari Hotel and Borella.

The event is brought to you by WASLAM – The Women’s Association of Sri Lanka Malays (PERSATUAN WANITA MELAYU SRI LANKA). Here is a brief of who they are and what they do.

With the motto “Kekuatan Wanita Melayu” the Women’s Association of Sri Lanka Malays (WASLAM) was established in April 2010 by a group of visionary Malay women who recognized the valued contribution of women to the family, community and society. It is registered under The Societies Ordinance Registration No.12429.

Since inception WASLAM, the sole Malay women’s association, has been actively engaged in the fields of Islam & Malay language, education and vocational training, social and cultural activities and, of course, fundraising, to achieve their goals. The association has resident representatives in Hambantota, Kandy, Pubudugama and Puttalam, where useful projects have been carried out for the welfare of women and children. They also conduct an occupational therapy unit for senior citizens.

For wanita Melayu to be futuristic in outlook, WASLAM focuses on the generations to come and is alive to their needs. They have had classes in sewing, cookery, handicrafts, hairdressing and beauty culture for women. Together with other Malay organizations they have been involved in activities such as medical camps and a symposium on the Sri Lanka Malay language. They have made donations of sandaks and Holy Qurans, distributed toiletries and useful items to pregnant mothers, supplied dry rations and ifthar during Ramadan, conducted spoken English and Malay language classes, financially assisted in circumcisions, etc. Their first major fundraising effort needs the support of all Malays and for this they place their trust in Allah SWT to make this event a success.

Athu, duwa, theega,
Maana Melayu anak muda?
Kalau kawing bangsa layeng
Nanthi hilang bangsa kita.

Kithang samma Melayu orang 
Marilah omong Bahasa Melayu
Kalau lupa Bahasa kita
Nanthi hilang bangsa Melayu.

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