Hari Bahasa Melayu – 10 years of promoting Malay in Sri Lanka

When COSLAM inaugurated Hari Bahasa Melayu in 2006, organized teaching of Malay in Sri Lanka was at a standstill. For a community who boasted of publishing two newspapers in Malay, Alamat Lankapuri and Wajah Selon, (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alamat_Langkapuri), by the 21st century the use of Malay, especially in its writing form, had

Growing up Malay in Sri Lanka: 7 unavoidable questions

Being a part of and growing up in multi-ethnic Sri Lanka has its benefits. Not only do you get holidays declared for every religious festival (not complaining), you also have access to a wide variety of food courtesy of your multi-ethnic friends. Moreover, you also learn to appreciate and respect